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PURIM: Power of a People in Prayer

Purim: Power of a People in Prayer

Book released on 12 Dec 2016

Christians, and nations that were once known as Christian, are facing many challenges. Truth does not seem to have the same impact as it used to. Flawed man-made systems and arguments are being used as a substitute for what was once an expression of faith in standing for truth. There is hardly ever a mention of God in the media or in society, except as an expletive.

Many of the freedoms that humans enjoy are under threat. This affects the whole world. The future looks bleak; we need to do something now.

Does God answer prayer? Is He still involved in the world or is He just sitting back and allowing the decisions of the world, and the courses of actions we have taken, to lead to the destruction of society?

The story of Esther and of the festival of Purim is a reminder that God is very much engaged and is waiting for His children to engage themselves with Him—when we do, things will begin to change.

This story is an encouragement to the Church to unite, fast, and cry out to Him for changes to take place on earth.

We can learn many lessons for today from this true story of Esther set in 486 to 473 BC.

Available at Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, Amazon India, and all other countries.


Safety, Security and Peace in Turbulent Times

New Book Released on 09 August 2016 


We are living in turbulent times. We are facing many threats in the form of new and virulent diseases, erratic weather patterns, terrorism, violence and riots on the streets, mass shootings, political upheavals, wars, genocide, rape, air crashes, drug and alcohol affected drivers on our roads and economic uncertainties.

In this climate of turbulence, the Bible provides certainty and guarantees for safety, security, peace and comfort for our hearts.

This book explains who God is—His character and attributes, our enemy and his plans and strategies, how humans through their actions affect each other, and then through an examination of Psalm 91 explains the assurances that God gives, the conditions for protection, the extent of protection and the peace that every god-fearing person can have in spite of all these dangers.

This book further explores answers to the common questions and objections raised against the assurances provided by Psalm 91 and other Scriptures.

Available at http://www.amazon.com priced at USD5.95

Kindle Version e-Book available at USD2.99 from Amazon.com or Aus$3.99 Amazon.com.au

Available for readers in India and Sri Lanka for Rupees 99.00 at Amazon.in


Time to Wake Up Church!

New Book  released as a paperback, hard-cover and eBook in March 2016

TTWUC FrontCover       TTWUC BackCoverAMZ

How This Book Came about:

Over the forty plus years of my Christian life I have been concerned about the divisions within the body of Christ, the disunity, and the teachings that were contrary to the Bible. These concerns intensified as I grew in my faith and knowledge of the Bible—this cannot be God’s idea of how the bride of Christ should be.

As I studied the Bible more deeply and delved into some of the false and misleading teachings that were entrenched in the church, I felt a need to share my thoughts with fellow believers. The forum for this was the Bible study groups that I lead. I started on this book by writing the thoughts which were consolidated through study, discussions, examining other views, and reading a number of books on various topics.

At various times I stopped writing as I was not sure whether this was something the Lord wanted me to do. But every time I had doubts, I was urged by the Spirit to complete this book. I gathered from this that the Lord wants these thoughts shared widely—not just in Melbourne but with His world-wide church.

This book addresses twelve topics vital for every Christian and church leader (Please see the Contents at the end of this post). These are meant to throw light on important matters that are not openly discussed or taught in most churches. There are also misunderstandings, confusion and often conflicting and unbiblical views on these topics. Not everyone is going to agree with the views presented—that is fine with me and I respect that. But the intent of the book is for its readers to deeply consider the scriptures and arguments presented, discuss with others if necessary, and then most importantly to do something about it. Hence the final chapter asks: What is your response?

This book is a plea, a challenge, and a call to action for Christians and is appropriately titled “Time To Wake Up Church!

The church is asleep and needs a revival. I hope this book contributes to this revival at least in a small way.

May I urge you to purchase a copy with the intention of considering the contents and doing something in your personal life, family, community, church, or other.

The proceeds from the sale of this book after defraying publishing costs will all be donated to worthwhile organisations like Youth For Christ Sri Lanka, TLSM, Focus on the Family, Daystar TV, Waverley Baptist and any other that the Lord brings to my attention.

May all the glory be unto The Lord.

This book is available at the following book outlets (Please click to go direct to the site):

Download eBook for Kindle from  Amazon Australia

Download eBook for Kindle from  Amazon,

Paperback or hard cover from Book Depository and Amazon

Book Depository .com sells the book for $28.41 with free delivery to Australia.

Download eBook for NOOK from   Barnes & Noble 

Purchase paperback or hard cover from  WestBow Press 

Also available at Greensborough Christian Book Centre, 14 Church Street, Greensborough, Victoria 3088, Phone: 03 9435 5762 Website

About the book

The contention of this book is that the Church is not being what it should be to the world as a result of tolerating false or misleading teaching.  We need to examine what we have absorbed and get back to the basics of our faith if we are to live right and be a stronger, more powerful influence in this world.

Twelve fundamental topics are discussed with review questions for personal contemplation or for group discussion.

My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will help us see the truth through the scriptures that we examine, and that we will understand things the way they were meant to be understood. There is no guarantee that everyone will come to the same conclusions as a result of the scriptures and arguments presented in this book. But this book would achieve its purpose if it results in some serious discussion and questioning of our current understanding and results in some positive changes.

This book is a must read for every Christian, Christian leader, and pastor.

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